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1. What is e-Rewards Medical?
e-Rewards Medical is a leading provider of market research services to the professional healthcare community. Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals enjoy making a difference and sharing their expertise through their membership. In return for their time and opinions, our Members earn cash incentives which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards!

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2. How do I join the panel?
e-Rewards Medical is an invitation-only healthcare research panel. If you receive an invitation to participate in a survey, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in the program and earn rewards for participating in future studies.


3. How do I earn rewards?
After joining e-Rewards Medical, keep an eye on your email inbox! We will send you an email invitation every time we have a survey available that matches your profile. You will also have access to recent studies on your Member Home page.

You must qualify and complete 1 survey to earn a reward. When completed, you’ll receive your Reward Confirmation Email with a promocode.

If you haven’t already, head to the Reward Center and create a profile; once you are set up in the Reward Center, you can redeem your promocode for one of the following reward options: e-Rewards Medical Visa® Prepaid Card, check or bank your promocode to redeem later.


4. What rewards are available?
Virtual Visa Card
  1. You can’t beat the convenience of this reward!
  2. Redeem immediately, and use to shop online, at restaurants using Quick Pay, and with a wide variety of smartphone apps.
  3. Check your card balance on the Reward Center or by calling 1-866-230-3809.
Physical Visa Card
  1. If you prefer to have the card on you, this is the way to go. Delivery time is 5-7 business days, and you can use anywhere in the United States and U.S. Territories that accepts Visa.
  2. It can be accepted as credit or debit; if using the latter, get your PIN on the Reward Center, or by calling 1-866-230-3809.
  3. Check your balance on the Reward Center, or by calling the number above.
Bank and Redeem Later
  1. If you’re making big purchases, or want less clutter in your wallet, this is a great option.
  2. For a small convenience fee, you may bank your promocodes to later combine for a larger value (Visa cards only).
  1. If you don’t mind a little longer delivery time (7-10 business days), then a check is another favorable choice.
  2. While you might be used to getting checks, we can help you get acclimated with our Visa card options! Contact us at ANY time.

5. How do I manage my profiles?
As an e-Rewards Medical Member, you’ll have two profiles – one to take surveys, and the other to claim your rewards. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two profiles.

  1. Member Website
    1. This is where you’ll go to take surveys, and contact us with any inquiries.
    2. If you update your profile or contact information on this site, we’ll use that information when contacting you about surveys and to send your Reward Confirmation Emails.
  2. Reward Center
    1. Here’s where you choose your reward type and manage your rewards.
    2. If you update your profile on this site, we’ll associate that information with your Visa cards and checks (including where to mail any physical rewards you’re redeeming).

6. Who can I contact with questions?