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What Rewards Are Available?

Our members have a choice of four rewards, all available from our easy to use Rewards Center .


e-Rewards Medical Prepaid Mastercard®

Physical Mastercard Prepaid Card

Use your Mastercard Prepaid Card everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Use as a credit card or debit card with PIN available upon request. Instantly check your balance online or by calling our Rewards Center Member Support Team.

Virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card

The convenient way to spend. Redeem instantly and shop online, at restaurants using Quick Pay or on the go using your smartphone.



If you prefer a more traditional form of payment, we can dispatch your credit via check, normally arriving in 7-10 business days.

Save for Later

For a small convenience fee, you can also bank your tokens and combine them for a larger value at a later date. Whether you’re making a big purchase, or simply want less clutter in your wallet, save your rewards and combine into a single physical or virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card.